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Pinned  New accounts - administrator validation is requ...

Nov 06 2016 12:50 pm | aaamusements in Site News

Due to a large number of duplicate accounts being created, all new accounts currently require validation by an administrator before becoming fully active.   This will also apply to any upgrades or packages purchased at the time of signing up....

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NEW Facebook page - LIKE for a chance to WIN!

Sep 16 2015 02:51 pm | aaamusements in Site News

Fruit-Emu has a new Facebook page!

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Paid for a Site Supporter membership but still...

Apr 20 2015 11:38 am | aaamusements in Site News

Paid but not received instant access to downloads?

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Latest Releases
  Title and Description Category Release Date Downloads

Projects The Roll 8 All Cash Dx

Next version of the project machine "The Roll" this time on the £8 All Cash roms  Same Thanks goto £6 in tokens for the original £8 layout used for the majority of lamp positions etcFuzion/Ploggy for uploading the sound romsPloggy for the Image uploaded/usedRichy1976...  read more...
Proconn Jun 23 2019 07:56 pm 44

Project's The Roll 6 Token Dx

 Double release tonight of the project machine "The Roll"    Thanks goto   £6 in tokens for the original £8 layout used for the majority of lamp positions etc Fuzion/Ploggy for uploading the sound roms Ploggy for the Image uploaded/used Richy1976 for the £6 roms...  read more...
Proconn Jun 23 2019 07:52 pm 36

Nudge Gems Wdx

here's an update for mfme 6.1 of mdm's nudge gems,I've had to alter the flyer to make it 20p play £5 as the only other settings were 2p and 5p play,Plays a good game once you get it going,thanks to compost corner for the classic,spa for the £5 decal i used from a small pic he had on his...  read more...
MPU4 Jun 17 2019 03:00 pm 52

Nitro - Classic Layout

Here's Nitro   EDIT......NEW VERSION with a bit more colour.   An MPU5 machine by Red Gaming. Set on £25, 25p play, 80%.   Had nothing to do today, so just thought I'd knock up a standard looking classic this time and I think people seem just as happy with this style.   T...  read more...
MPU5 Jun 16 2019 06:26 pm 40

Cloud 999 4.80 Dx's

 Next up is this old skool favourite of retro players up and down the country, Cloud 999.   In the Zip file is two versions, a lamps blended and a lamps Un-blended version.   I've added both if the blended version runs too slow on your pc then the un-blended one is quicker.  ...  read more...
MPU4 Jun 15 2019 07:28 pm 72

Paint The Town Red - Classic Layout

Here's Paint The Town by Red Gaming.   Set on a £25 Jackpot at 30p Play, with 82% payout.   I've tried to incorporate as much detail of the real machine into the layout, with some obvious restrictions, so a bit of artistic impression here and there. I also this time didn't want any...  read more...
MPU5 Jun 15 2019 02:45 pm 27

Disco Inferno Classic Layout

A Scorpion 4 machine by Mazooma. Set on £15 Jackpot, 25p Play at 82% Payout. Thanks to Wizard for MFME, the rom provider, the flyer provider, Vec for the Disco Inferno symbol. Haven't got any pictures of the real machine, so this is based on how the machine looks on the flyer...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Jun 10 2019 01:11 am 33

Club Treasure Island DX

Here is Club Treasure Island  DX, Set on 25p/£250/84%. There is only a classic by Reg, so I thought I could do a DX of this. Thanks to him anyway, and Wizard for MFME 6.1. Please note I will be creating layouts for MFME 6.1 only, as MFME V19 will be Windows 10 only.  If y...  read more...
Scorpion 4 Jun 08 2019 02:13 pm 70

Cheque Mate - Classic layout.

Here's Cheque Mate £25, 30p 88%.   Another Impact machine, that was previously only on Jpemu.   I tried to make this as black and white, to follow the chess theme, but too much white/black doesn't make for a good looking layout.   Thanks firstly this time to Johnnyafc for the...  read more...
Impact Jun 08 2019 11:17 am 29

Nudge Double Up Deluxe Mk 4

Here's a photo based dx of jpms double up deluxe mk 4,much fairer on the nudges than the mk 3 lite a nudge and each way nudge,massive thanks to thompy on the mecca for images of his machine and for the pics of the reel symbols,and to wizard for mfme,all short cuts are normal. MFME V 6.1 ONLY THANKS.  read more...
MPS Jun 08 2019 09:49 am 53

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